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Each year, Solan welcomes its deity Ma Shoolini with much fanfare and a 3 day mela. The roads during these 3 days are filled with bhandaras (food offered as a blessing from deity), vendors, and there’s a lot of excitement and joy in the city. However, there’s an ugly side to this as well, the waste generated. On an average, 3 lakh plastic disposable plates, 4 lakh spoons and around 3 lakh plastic glasses are wasted, in just 3 days. This is more than what Solan’s, Shimla’s and Chandigarh’s treatment plant can handle. Yet, as is with any religious or cultural festival in India, our joy often comes at a heavy price. Which we have to bear directly, or indirectly.
This Shoolini Mela, we along with Shoolini University, and a few organizations like Nurtured by Nature, Healing Himalayas and a few college students, are trying to reduce, capture and communicate about the waste produced. 2 campaigns run during the festival; 3 Simple steps to reduce the waste to almost half & #Selfiewithscrap.
3 simple steps urges people to carry their own water bottle, spoon and tiffin box to refuse/reduce plastic disposables.
#Selfiewithscrap asks people to take a selfie with waste on road, so as to create awareness about the waste produced.

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