Purpose of education!

Too often, we’re “working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.” – fightclub

Work, education and life are interlinked. What would our economy look like if we were to radically redefine the meaning of “work”? Data proves that as a population we are becoming unhappier, even when the hashtag#consumption is going up. Climate change is here, and we haven’t been able to solve the problems of inequity or understand Sustainable Development. Then, do we need to makes some radical shifts in the way we learn, teach and work?
Can the concept of a universal hashtag#basic income be an answer to a multitude of social problems we are facing? Most of which are rooted in inequity. Is it a utopian dream or is it really possible?
The article throws light on the role of work, education on our life. What can our future look like?

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