Towards a cleaner & healthier Solan – EARTHJUST

Towards a cleaner & healthier Solan

At EarthJust, we practice the philosophy of Think Big, Act Small. Act Big, Think Small.
Which simply means, thinking at a systemic level (ThinkBig), and finding those key levers (Act Small), that will lead to major changes. Once the initial proof points have been established, Act Big with those, but still in smaller geographies (Think Small), till the solutions are ready to be institutionalized.
Another project in the “Think Big, Act Small” is composting.

Think Big = Handling waste at the point of produce.
Think Big = Rethinking waste as surplus.
Act Small = Wet waste comprises of 70-85% of all domestic waste in India. If treated at the point of produce, a.k.a. composting, 80% waste problem is solved.

In Solan, we have been established proof-points for handling food surplus through composting at various institutions; household, offices, factories, schools & college.
Happy to share that we have been able to reach out to 20 locations in Solan who have started composting at the point of produce. Which means> *1 TON* of food surplus per month that became KHAAD instead of KACHDA.

Towards a Sundar, Swacch, Swasth, Sanyukt, Saksham, Satat – Solan

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