Social mobility & inequity

A lot of data has been shared recently on the income inequality in the society. Wealth inequality in OECD is as pronounced as top 10% holding half of the total wealth. While the bottom 40% holds only 3%.
However, income inequality leads to multi-dimension inequality; education, mobility, social, health etc. that keeps on perpetuating the vicious cycle. >> Disadvantage at the outset can follow children through their life. For example; educational disadvantage means not only lesser salaries but also a risk of a shorter life.
Why should this alarm us? Because not only is it unacceptable & unsustainable ethically or socially but it also limits productivity and growth of the society as a whole.
One of the aspects of inequality is social mobility. Today, it takes four to five generations, on average, for children from the poorest 10% of the population to reach median income levels. OECDpublishing has published a report on how to improve social mobility as a measure to combat inequality at multiple levels.
You can read about it here

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