Sustainability Samwaad; the latest edition

Another edition of #SustainabilitySamwaad comes to a close. The workshop gets better with each version, and the community keeps on growing. Got participants from Guwhati, Themidwayisland, from Delhi University, and senior bureaucrat from Rewa (M.P.)

Everytime, it’s fascinating for us to watch how the language, the narrative, and the alignment of head, heart & hand, manages to seamlessly work across and break the so-called barriers of language, age, and backgrounds.

In 3 days, all of us challenged, understood the problem of sustainability, and waste. Looked at the many facets of it; the social aspect, the economic, the ecological and the self! What is revealed on top, the term we see and call waste, is but just a tip of an iceberg. There’s so much that lurks below.

And as the understanding of the problem grows, the solutions also start becoming clearer. Waste segregation, composting, grow your own food, healthy cooking, understanding the science of food, yoga, natural alternatives to self and house care products, bamboo weaving and a bit of eco-construction. And most importantly, planting a sapling in a forest!

In each edition, we add another aspect, another so-called solution, with the participants. This time, added Mushroom to the grow your own food. Using so-called waste of dried grass, cardboard etc.

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