Hand made soaps

Soaps are just one of those things that are irreplaceable. And in our journey to find a zero-waste, chemical free solution to this, we have chanced upon, made and experimented with a lot of natural options.

This range of soaps is just one amongst many. Though not completely soap-free (they are soaps!). But SLS/SLES free. and made with lots of natural ingredients like goats milk, shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, rose water, geranium petals, rose petals, orange peels, coffee grounds and ofcourse lots of love.

They come in variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Mild, white, liquid, bar, scrub and exfoliating. Take your pick and order one today at 7807074323 or write to us to book single or bulk orders at ajustearth@gmail.com

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