Tree Plantation Drive (aao ped apnayein)

The technology to combat pollution, water crisis, climate crisis, soil erosion, soaring temperatures, is one that’s the oldest & easiest of them all – trees. In the last 2 years, Between Chandigarh to Shimla, innumerable trees have been cut for a 4 lane highway. And with the increase in agriculture, construction, mining & increasing temperatures, a lot of forests now lay barren, or burnt.

Last year, in July, we planted around 800 seeds & saplings including native trees & fruit trees to support animal & birds in the Charad ka Jungle. Our objective is not just plantation but to ensure that the forest thrives again. Thus, there were a number of follow-up visits to the area. Including watering drive with the main support of the forest department, and especially a young, forest officer deputed there, Kishori.

The result was a beautiful survival rate of almost 85%. However, in June owing to a forest fire, a lot of those saplings were burnt. Which only strengthened our belief and urgency for actions like these.

So, this 14th July, help make Solan green, and hills lush by lending a hand to plant a sapling. Contact us as 7807074323 or write in at, or register at this link

Hoping to see you there 🙂

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