8th Sustainability Samwaad – EARTHJUST

8th Sustainability Samwaad

This is an invitation for the 8th edition of Sustainability Samwaad.

When :                     11th – 13th Jan 2020

Where :                     Solan, Himachal Pradesh

What :  Conversations to explore ideas for sustainable living

Medium of conversation: Hindi & English

Sustainable living – to us the phrase means a harmony between Me (self) and We (environment). This harmony will come when We think, share, understand and apply. Thus a Sustainability Samwaad!

This is a space that we create collectively, to help connect our Head, Hand & Heart. A space for conversations and lots of hands-on work, where we will all get together for 3 days to discuss, ideate, share, reflect on our individual and collective sustainable living footprints. The conversations will also explore the relationship between sustainable living, conscious consumerism & inclusive development.

At the end of 3 days,  we hope that these conversations will help us build a common understanding about sustainability and make us ready to start or accelerate our zero-waste / minimalist / waste2surplus / conscious consumer journey.

Tentative outline of the program :

Day 1:  Heart: What is sustainability, why sustainable living, moving from Me to We

Head: Is waste a problem? Is it really waste? What is zero waste?

Hand: Sorting our own waste / segregation / composting / eco bricks

Day 2: Heart: Choices that we make everyday & conscious consumerism

Head: What are we putting in our body? What consumption choices are we making on a daily basis? What chemicals are we exposing ourselves to?

Hand: Grow your own food including mushrooms, plant a tree, eliminating chemicals from personal care & households

Day 3: Heart: The journey of a sustainable eco-system; nature, We and Me

Head: Seeing the bigger picture, connecting the dots

Hand: Focussed DIY sessions: Grow your own food including mushrooms, segregate, compost, bamboo-making, healthy food, chemical free personal care & household cleaners

We as a community of practitioners and will share our journey of head, heart and hand towards a sustainable living. This is a starter workshop, for beginners and practitioners, to think, and learn about the facets of sustainable living that can be immediately adopted.

Should you attend? Yes, if you :

  • are passionate about the environment
  • want to start a zero-waste or a minimalist lifestyle
  • want to make a change in your own personal life
  • want to learn hands-on about sustainable practices that you can immediately adopt
  • can help build community based sustainability platforms in places you live
  • you are a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) person

 In short, anybody who would like to create a harmony between Me (self) & We (environment).

Next Steps :

If you think this Samwaad is for you then please register by filling <this form>. (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ezGsAUHY8sgFxkMKRmSmCJxeJPq41z6zUYURVHa0Bzg/edit?c=0&w=1)

For further queries please write to us at SustainabilitySamwaad@gmail.com or call on 7807074323 / 9999221125

About the Community of Practioners :

Sahjivan Eco Farms – Gopal Negi of Sahjivan is working on building self-reliant communities that strongly believe in sharing resources and building healthy relationships with ecology.

Nurtured By Nature – Rachna & Dinesh are primarily engaged in sustainable farming, eliminating synthetic chemicals from farming and household and making value added products from farm produce.

Himpicked – Shrey of Himpicked is the voice of fungi. A microbiologist by profession, he has 9 years of academic & self taught experience in the field of mushroom cultivation & environmental biodiversity. He currently runs his own organic mushroom farm in Shimla. 

Earthjust Ecosystems – Shruti & Abhishek of Earthjust wish to create a sustainable ecosystem, through a community engaged model for a Saksham, Swachh, Swasthya and Sanyukt Solan.

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