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Winter Mushroom Workshop

Winter Mushroom Workshop: Discover the fungii
27th, 28th & 29th December, 2019
in Solan-  The Mushroom city of India
There is so much about mushrooms, that is unknown. In terms of their contribution to the forests, to the eco-system, their benefits, their medicinal properties and their cultivation. We believe mushroom might just be the ‘soul’ of the Earth!
So, this Winter, we invite you, with your family, or without, to discover these less known, often mistaken fungii. To forage them in the forest, to cultivate them in a bread bag, or to make medicines out of them. Make this an outing where you will get to see the local area, and also, learn lot of new health tricks, mushroom facts & sustainable practices.

Who should attend:

This workshop is for anyone who’s trying to improve the quality of life for him and his family, learn to grow organic mushrooms all year round at home, explore & identify various mushrooms in wild, use mushrooms as medicine as per traditional & modern medical research and much more. In addition, you will be able to expand your knowledge on composting, restoring the health of soil using microorganisms & reducing chemicals from daily life.Medium of conversation: Hindi & English
Brief Overview:

This is a 3 day workshop:

Day 1: Mushroom basics, stuff from your immediate surroundings that you can use to grow mushrooms, how to choose the right spot to grow mushrooms, Mushroom foraging in the wild, Identifying edible, inedible, medicinal & poisonous mushrooms.

Day 2: Seeding of mushrooms, preparing grow bags that you take back with you, mushroom art, post-harvest techniques, sun drying, making spore slurry for growing mushrooms in wild, composting, ecobrick construction. Day 3:Mushroom cooking session, making traditional medicines from mushrooms, cooking dried mushrooms.
Will share some details to help you plan better.  

  • Travel Options – Solan is accessible by Train, Bus, Flight (till Chandigarh), Drive (NH 22). 
    • If you are coming from Delhi, the easiest way will be to take a bus. HRTC is the most reliable and can be booked online.  http://online.hrtchp.com/oprs-web/guest/home.do?h=1
    • If you are coming from Chandigarh, the easiest way is to take a bus, any Punjab Roadways, Chandigarh Roadways, Himachal Roadways
    • If you are coming from Kalka, you can take a bus or train
  • Place of Stay – We have made arrangements for you all. Our stay arrangements are clean & hygienic yet basic. On a room sharing basis with bedding as well as gadda’s on the floor. 
  • Food Item – Food is on us. Just let us know if you are allergic to any food item. However, we are foodies here, anything from your “desh” you want to bring with you and share, will love to be the connoisseur.
  • Clothes / Footwear – Solan is a pleasant place. December starts the period of cold. Temperature can be between 10 Degrees – Daytime to 4 Degrees – Nightime. Would suggest warm clothes. We will trek a bit, so the shoes with grips will certainly avoid a Jack & Jill Moment. 
  • Medicines – Solan is a city and will have all medicines. However, may not have an all-nighter, so carry any must-to-haves with you.
  • Venue: We will host the stay for 3 days at Shoolini University, Bajhol, Himachal Pradesh 173229.

Following is our location on google map:

If you think this workshop is for you then please go ahead and register by filling this form:


For further queries and in case, you are unable to register through this link, please write to us at himpicked@gmail.com.

You can also call us on 8894486066 / 780707432

About the hosts:

Himpicked – Shrey of Himpicked is the voice of fungi. A microbiologist by profession, he has 9 years of academic & self taught experience in the field of mushroom cultivation & environmental biodiversity. He currently runs his own organic mushroom farm in Shimla. 

Earthjust Ecosystems – Shruti & Abhishek of Earthjust wish to create a sustainable ecosystem, through a community engaged model for a Saksham, Swachh, Swasthya and Sanyukt Solan.

Venue Partner (Shoolini University) – Shoolini University is a research-driven private university recognized for its focus on innovation, quality placements and world-class faculty. The university will be hosting us for the event for three days.

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