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Winter Mushroom Workshop

Winter Mushroom Workshop: Discover the fungii27th, 28th & 29th December, 2019in Solan-  The Mushroom city of IndiaThere is so much about mushrooms, that is unknown. In terms of their contribution to the forests, to the eco-system, their benefits, their medicinal properties and their cultivation. We believe mushroom might just be the ‘soul’ of the Earth!So, Read more about Winter Mushroom Workshop[…]

Sustainability Samwaad

Sustainability Samwaad: Conversations to explore ideas for sustainable living Oct 5th – 7th 2019 in SolanSustainable living – a phrase that to us means a harmony between Me (self) and We (environment). This harmony will come when We think, share, understand and apply. Thus a Sustainability Samwaad!A space for conversations, and lots of hands-on work, Read more about Sustainability Samwaad[…]

Tree Plantation Drive (aao ped apnayein)

The technology to combat pollution, water crisis, climate crisis, soil erosion, soaring temperatures, is one that’s the oldest & easiest of them all – trees. In the last 2 years, Between Chandigarh to Shimla, innumerable trees have been cut for a 4 lane highway. And with the increase in agriculture, construction, mining & increasing temperatures, Read more about Tree Plantation Drive (aao ped apnayein)[…]

Hand made soaps

Soaps are just one of those things that are irreplaceable. And in our journey to find a zero-waste, chemical free solution to this, we have chanced upon, made and experimented with a lot of natural options. This range of soaps is just one amongst many. Though not completely soap-free (they are soaps!). But SLS/SLES free. Read more about Hand made soaps[…]

Sustainability Samwaad; the latest edition

Another edition of #SustainabilitySamwaad comes to a close. The workshop gets better with each version, and the community keeps on growing. Got participants from Guwhati, Themidwayisland, from Delhi University, and senior bureaucrat from Rewa (M.P.) Everytime, it’s fascinating for us to watch how the language, the narrative, and the alignment of head, heart & hand, Read more about Sustainability Samwaad; the latest edition[…]

Welcoming you to another edition of Sustainability Samwaad

A space where for 3 days we get together to align our head, heart & hand, on a journey towards a more conscious consumerism, towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and probably zero-waste, probably minimalist. A space where along with the participants, our facilitators; Dinesh from Nurtured by Nature, Negi ji of Shajivan Eco farms, and Read more about Welcoming you to another edition of Sustainability Samwaad[…]

Towards a cleaner & healthier Solan

At EarthJust, we practice the philosophy of Think Big, Act Small. Act Big, Think Small. Which simply means, thinking at a systemic level (ThinkBig), and finding those key levers (Act Small), that will lead to major changes. Once the initial proof points have been established, Act Big with those, but still in smaller geographies (Think Read more about Towards a cleaner & healthier Solan[…]

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