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Eliminating Synthetic Chemicals & Living in Harmony with Microorganisms

January 10, 2010

In the current Covid times, viruses seem like a supervillain. Have you ever thought that microbes can also be good for you? No, right? Well, there is someone whose life revolves around these microbes. Our team member, Shrey Gupta, a microbiologist with over 9 years of experience in the field, is a person whose days and nights are spent on exploring the goodness of these microbes!

Since COVID-19 in existence, Shrey has been conducting virtual sessions for people across the country which are hands-on “Do-it-Yourself” experiments meant to make a variety of sustainable, chemical free, products ranging from making bio-enzymes to brewing own deodorants. We, at Earth Just, through these sessions have been able to raise awareness, sensitize, and build sustainable habits in hundreds of people from across the country.

In 35 sessions with 7 expert speakers & 100+ participants from different walks of life and career paths - change makers, interns, college students, house holders from both urban and rural contexts, scientists, educators, social activists, entrepreneurs, and housewives have been sensitized and empowered. 12 different products were made, with a focus on 15 broad topics like personal care products, house-hold cleaners, probiotics, urban and kitchen gardening, house-hold waste management.

Through the continuous support that the Earth Just team is providing to these participants via taking queries over WhatsApp group (with around 125 participants), the aim is for all these people to adopt such sustainable practices as their habit. Shrey is dedicated to hand-holding people in this journey. He has addressed over 225 queries on the WhatsApp groups - requires a lot of relentless efforts!

Starting August, we will re-start these sessions in 2 Avatars; a 5 month program - Health & Harmony: Eliminate chemicals from your life & single DIY sessions as earlier. The 5 month Health & Harmony program promises to help eliminate all synthetic chemicals from your life; be it your personal care routine, to household to your food. Apart from the live sessions, we will also provide an online community & on-going support to ensure that this journey is easy & doable. If you can’t commit to a 5 month journey, then you can still sign-up for our DIY sessions and take small steps towards becoming more sustainable & healthier.

In these workshops, we will use good microorganisms in the nature to make chemical free household cleaners, detergents, immunity boosters etc. We will also explore the fungal biodiversity around us, and learn to harvest them as food and medicine.


If you want to build a culture of sustainability and chemical free living in your organisation/ institute, feel free to reach out to us at

We are also looking for collaborators, funders and guest speakers for this program and more.

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