December 27, 2017

Earth Think

Earth Think is the series of activities done to increase awareness towards sustainable living practices, be it on Earth Clean, Earth Green or Earth Love. What it entails is;

1. Quarterly 3 day, residential Sustainability Samwaad; done with other sustainability practitioners in Solan. In which our focus is to create space for conversations on conscious consumerism & sustainable living. And hands-on practices that people can immediately learn & adopt.

2. Mini- Samwaads at offices, colleges,schools & societies to help build awareness around different aspects of sustainability

Sustainability Samwaad (retreat) for organizations: 2 or 3 day retreat, organized for organizations who want to promote sustainability in their organizations, move towards greener, more sustainable work environments, or as a way to sensitize employees while promoting team building & creativity.

Sustainability Fun for young adults: 3 day residential Sustainability Fun in Solan, for kids and young adults (yrs 10 – 16). The idea is to sensitize children on the topic of sustainability, in a way that they enjoy yet learn. Alongwith activities that they can engage on and also take back home – like seed bombs, eco bricks, trekking, tree plantation, mushroom hunt etc.

Mushroom hunt & Foraging: To increase awareness about mushrooms in the eco-system, understand about bio-diversity and reconnect adults & kids with nature, we conduct mushroom hunt & foraging treks. We organize this for groups, schools, colleges and organizations.

DIY workshops: To promote awarness and induce action, we hold a lot of diy workshops, like composting, grow your own food, grow your own mushrooms, as a walk-in, and 1 day sessions. Open to everyone, and can be organized for groups, schools, colleges & organizations.

Growing Mushrooms in bread bags.
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