December 27, 2017

Earth Clean

Earth Clean is our first leverage point for our work in Solan. It looks at looking at the last mile of consumption – which is the waste produced. Given that 80% of so-called waste is wet-waste, that can be easily composted. Thus, we are promoting composting through awareness through events, sessions & samwaads. Furthermore in Solan, we are actively helping the citizens to start composting by helping them set up a compost pot at their houses/offices/schools & colleges. So far we have helped 30+ locations to start composting. And almost 90% of the places we have supported, have continued doing so.

Second project under Earth Clean is re-looking at waste as surplus. Any form of waste is just things that we don’t need, or don’t know how to use.Thus, conducting a series of talks and sessions on re-looking at waste as surplus, and thus reducing the amount of waste that’s reaching our landfills. And slowly moving towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

Third is promoting Eco-bricks as a way of reducing plastic in landfills. Eco-bricks is a simple, quick to do measure that anyone and everyone can do. Though it’s not a permanent fix, yet works as a temporary fix against single use plastic. It can be used in construction material, or used as an alternate to coal, given that plastic has a calorific value, in high temperature incinerators like Cement plants etc.

Last is looking at Liquid waste. Water crisis has become a harsh and a very evident reality. While climate change is a definitive impact and reason for it. However, even looking at the number of chemicals we are putting in our drains & sewage, which leads to making the grey water completely un-usable. If we switch to natural cleaners, then the grey water can be easily re-used, re-purposed. Thus, as a way to go zero-waste, save water, and also reduce the harms of chemicals in our daily lives, we are helping people switch to natural cleaners by helping them make and switch to natural, chemical free products that they can make at home

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