December 27, 2017

Earth Love

Everyday, we are increasingly exposed to a variety of synthetic chemicals. Right from the pollution, to chemicals in the products that we use on a daily basis to the pesticides in our food, to toxins in processed food. Add to that the supply chain of ensuring that the products are delivered to us, leads to more vehicular traffic, construction etc. And it becomes a vicious cycle.

As a means to promote conscious consumerism, increase local market, promote local farmers, self-help groups and helping people make their own products, and sell them, we have started a brand called Earth Love. The idea of this brand is to showcase

  1. Using waste materials to make products that can be easily used, like using waste flowers, kitchen waste. example – Body scrub made out of used coffee grounds, orange, lemon & pomegranate peels and dried flowers.
  2. Reducing usage of chemical heavy personal care products, and switching to natural products. Like – natural, homemade, face & body lotion, lip balm, hair oils, hair serums, foot soaks, bath salts, pain relieve oils, herbal teas etc.
  3. Reducing usage of chemical heavy household products, especially cleaners and switching to natural alternatives like – soapnuts & bio-enzymes for all household cleaning needs like – laundry, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, stain remover, toilet cleaner etc.
  4. Grooming the local eco-system that values and has space for local produce, small enterprises and self made products

All this ensures a small step from consumption to production, acts as a way for giving back to the society while being profitable to everyone int he value chain, including the environment. And hence promoting sustainability.

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