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National Level School Competition for Sustainability

Started, 15 Sept, 2021

Wipro Foundation has created a wonderful platform called "Earthian" to share about a schools sustainability journey.

The 20 best schools across the country also get an award and a support for continuous engagement to build it further.

EarthJust Ecosystems gladly invites you to attend the National Level School Competition for Sustainability managed by Wipro earthian in collaboration with Wipro earthian’s Sustainability Program, Department of Education(DOE) Himachal Pradesh.
Objective: To critically engage students, teachers and other stakeholders with sustainability issues through multiple perspectives and drive sustainability thinking and action.
The competition aims at building knowledge, skills & mindset for self-reliance for a sustainable future.The competition is open to all Schools/ Administrations/ Teachers/ Educational Institutions.

Schools / Principals/Teachers who are passionate about sustainability and the environment.

They believe sustainable life skills need to be imparted to the students and are ready to work with them and us to win this competition.

  • Finding solutions to several sustainability issues

  • Training on themes & Orientation Workshop for teachers

  • Teachers will work with students to make projects

  • Submission of project reports by the team (Team Comprises - Teachers and Students)

  • Submission can be using different presentation formats like: Story Telling/Poems/Drawing/Illustration/Photograph/Video/Data Charts/Graphs

  • Medium of competition can be Hindi/English

  • 3 year engagement with the winning school or any school interested in building this as a holistic program to encourage schools to work on their own long term sustainability