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Plastic Waste Management Awareness Program (PWM Awareness Program)


Raise awareness among students/citizens about responsible usage, management of Plastic/e-waste  Bring scale, measurability to the efforts and nudge pro-environmental behavior in consumers Guide students to the right, responsible e-waste disposal channels

Program Details 


Plastic Waste Management Awareness


45 mins + 15mins QnA

Mode of the program 

Online (Zoom App)

Engagement Time 

One time

According to the global plastic -waste monitor 2020, 53.6 million tons of e-waste has been generated globally in  2019. India is the world's third largest e-waste generator with 3.2 million tons behind China and the United  States. This is up from 1.9 tons in 2016 an alarming 68% increase more than the global average growth of 21%. Increasing disposable income, access to easy credit, consumers ' quest for better products are resulting in  shorter product cycles and pose India a mounting challenge to deal with. 

One major challenge that can be attributed to this issue is the lack of poor awareness. Students lack the  knowledge, channels to dispose of their old, unused, obsolete items as a result they either get trapped in their  house or end up in the hands of informal recycling channels who resort to non scientific, hazardous methods to  extract resources from e-waste and dump the remains irresponsibly. This not only compromises the health of  informal workers but also poses threat to human health and the environment. 

In this regard, Recycle is working to create mass scale awareness using digital, social media as per of our E Waste/Plastic-waste Awareness Programs and create a fraternity of responsible citizens

Lack of awareness and mismanagement of plastic waste is resulting in 10000 Metric Tons of plastics entering landfills, oceans on a daily basis. As responsible citizens of planet earth, the onus is on us to conserve natural resources and adopt sustainable plastic waste management practices. 

To address this, EarthJust in collaboration with Recycle, WeCare, brings to you a program on “Plastic Waste Management '' a pan-India program for schools/colleges and citizens to raise awareness, encourage them in taking leadership for responsible use of plastics.

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