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Creating young Agro-Entrepreneurs at Himpicked

Creating young Agro-Entrepreneurs at Himpicked

Jhamtse Gatsal is a home, school and community for around 90 children from the local Tibetian Monpa tribe. This year, two of their students (Shanti and Tenzin) decided to drop out of the education system after grade 10th and want to start a sustainable enterprise of their own.

Himpicked organised a 3 day workshop, providing the complete information on oyster mushroom cultivation and post harvest processing of the mushrooms & substrate.

The mushrooms were grown on paddy straw which is easily available from the fields. In addition, training was also provided on growing mushrooms using saw dust. To ensure profitable harvest, the key topics like environment cleanliness, humidity, protection from disease in the crop and precautions (do’s and don’ts) were also covered.

At the end of the workshop, the students were able to come up with the following project plan that they will be replicating at their school:


Paddy Straw 10 Kg 30-80

Water 20 Liter -

Buckets 5 -

Soapnut 1 kg 80-100

Black Plastic sheet 2rolls (24m each) 200-300

Water 20 Liter -

Stove 1 -

Plastic bags 20(bread packet sized)-

Empty room/Cob House 1 -

Notebook for accounting 1 20

Pens 2 20

Mushroom seed 1 Kg 80

Rubber Bands 20 pcs 2


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