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Why should I join the SATAT SHIKSHAK SAMUDAYA ?

Satat Community provides an unique opportunity to interact with other educators, do live projects of your choice on sustainability under the guidance of a mentor and get recognised as a community by the Himachal government on 5th June - Environment Day.  This is a great opportunity to learn and contribute in making Himachal Pradesh a green state.

Is there any fee to join the program?

There is no monetary investment for this program by the educators however listed are the few things that we expect from our community:

  • Willingness to spend 2-4 hours per week for the program duration

  • Interested to invest in own sustainable capacity building

  • Join us for a Community physical Get-together atleast once.

  • Collaborate with other educators in a community

Are registrations open for all educators from all streams?

Only Eco-club teachers can register for this as the goal of the program is to strengthen the ongoing NGC (EEP) program by HIMCOSTE.

How do I know more about the program ?

All the educators who had filled the Interest form will get a SAMWAAD invite which will be an online orientation workshop. All information related to SAMWAAD will float via WhatsApp and mail.

Why should I attend the Samwaad session ?

It will help you understand why sustainability is required. You will hear the point of view of practitioners and other educators and all about the Satat Shikshak Samudaya program & how to fill the Registration form which will be used to select a teacher / educator.

Is it a must to attend the Samwaad session?

Yes, It’s a must to attend the session as it will help you understand about the Satat Shikshak Samudaya program & how to fill the participating form which will be used to select a teacher / educator and different areas of sustainability.

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