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Mushrooms and Mystery

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Here we are - sharing the summary of our Midweek mushrooming Webinar which happened on 13th May, 2020. The webinar opened discussions on ‘Mysterious mushrooms’, how they are so unique and hold a special place in the ecosystem and their spiritual significance. A discussion so significant, but rarely done!

In the first part of the webinar, we explored the invisible network of fungi and how they are so significant to nature!

All of us would have heard of the fact that every living being survives on the earth by being interdependent on each other. We see the interdependence in the form of food webs, energy webs and via so many other connections! Morning and evening time we see birds chirping out aloud and we think that they are talking to each other.

Something that would amaze you is the fact that not only birds or animals talk but even trees in forests talk to each other through the soil. And do you know how they converse with each other? - Via an invisible network of fungi! Through the network of the fungi, the entire forest acts as one single consciousness. A complete ecosystem, a complete life - where everything and everyone is interdependent!

Fungi is an invisible microorganism! Mushrooms too are a form of fungi - but we are able to see it with our naked eyes. They are in fact the only microorganism visible to a naked eye! Most of the fungi remains in the soil but only some pop up from the Earth surface when they have to reproduce. And mushrooms are the ones which help them multiply. So, we can say that mushrooms are a natural indication for the fungi to reproduce, enabling further connection in the forest ecosystem. They are the souls of the earth!

Let us go in a bit more depth to understand the fungi within the soil and mushrooms! The following diagram will help us in understanding that -

This image is the life cycle of the fungi which they mostly spend underground in the form of networks in soil. This is called the “vegetative phase” of their life cycle. In this phase their cells are loosely packed & scattered. Hence, they are invisible. While forming a reproductive part (which is known as mushroom), their cells are packed tightly enough that we see them with the naked eye.

Like neuron connections in the human brain which transmit signals to each other, the trees in the forests too are talking to each other by sending signals via this network of fungi and mushrooms. Forests are thus World’s largest organisms!

This got us to the end of the first part of our Webinar! For the remaining part, we unfolded their visible form, which is the mushroom fruit itself. We understood what ancient traditions say about mushrooms, and what science has to say about them!

Let’s explore the world of mushrooms a bit -

Finally, we ended the Webinar with a small activity. Since, we discussed so much about mushrooms and the neuroscience behind it, the topic would have been incomplete without stimulating a live experience for the participants. So, the session ended with a guided meditation with binaural beats. This binaural beat was designed to mimic the frequencies that our brain encounters after consuming these powerful mushrooms!

We definitely enjoyed the session and we look forward to unfolding much more about Mushrooms - for us and for you all!

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