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In Diversity there is beauty and there is strength - Our experiences of the workshop at Barefoot Col

Himpicked and EarthJust Ecosystems got this beautiful opportunity to facilitate a workshop at Barefoot College, Tilonia. Barefoot College believes in the endless potential of the rural poor. It forges a first-of-its-kind, women centered global network dedicated to sustainable development in every community where poverty exists!

The workshop was attended by 30 participants from around the world - Cameroon, Mexico, Syria, Botswana, New York, Mali and Rajasthan! So much power we saw in this diverse group as some of the participants were not even comfortable with our local language, but still took deep interest in the sessions and asked questions to take the maximum out of it and be able to comprehend it all!

We had fun doing different sessions catering to both the theory and hands-on experiences for participants on understanding and growing mushrooms, and helping them make different chemical free products - which can be used as eco-friendly alternatives to chemicals like phenyl and dettol!

Barefoot College, EarthJust and Himpicked came together for this session for the very first time - and it was just the beginning! We will be facilitating more such fun sessions at Barefoot College in the near future!

Here’s some love for our Solar Mamas and Barefoot College! See you all very soon!

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