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Morning Mushroom Foraging, Aavishkar, Palampur

Located on Kandbari hills in Palampur, Aavishkaar center of Learning is a pioneer in delivering high-quality Science and Math education. It aims to reach some of the most remote schools and communities in the country.

The center organized a three day workshop called "Hamari Shiksha" that aims to instill a deeper understanding about the current landscape of education, different avenues of change possible, and the ways you can be a part of this journey. Highly motivated participants working with education-related issues took part in the workshop.

Kandbari hill has a rich biodiversity of various edible mushrooms. So, to add fun to this workshop, Himpicked organised a mushroom foraging morning trek on day 3 of the workshop. During the trek, participants were made aware of various edibles & poisonous plants & mushrooms in the wild. They were also informed about the nutritional & medicinal value of mushrooms.

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