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Summary of "Brew your own Deodorant" Webinar

Want to brew your own deodorant with no harmful chemicals? Well, it’s simple to make!

But first, let us learn about different types of deodorants and what chemicals do they have in them…

So, to avoid inhaling and consuming such harmful chemicals, here are some simple steps to brew your own deodorant:

What ingredients do you need?

● Peel of 1 lemon/orange

● 1 flower (rose preferred)

● 500 mL drinking water

● 2 tbsp brown sugar/jaggery

● Glass container

Basic ratio in which the ingredients are supposed to be used:

1 part brown sugar, 1 part citrus peels, 2 part flower petals, 10 parts water

Simple steps for the process:

Step 1:

Add all the ingredients in a plastic bottle, leave the bottle undisturbed away from direct sunlight. The bottle will produce gases, so it will be necessary to periodically open the lid to release them for the first few weeks.

Step 2: <After 3 months>

Strain the solution and store -1st solution is ready

Take 2 tablespoon of dried petals or 1 tablespoon of fresh petals (of the same flower) → simmer in 1 cup water for 5 minutes (keep the container covered until the water cools down) → Strain the solution (2nd solution is ready)

Step 3:

Mix the two solutions in this ratio → 4 parts solution 1 : 1 part solution 2

Step 4:

Add in a spray bottle

Step 5:

The deodorant is ready to use! :)

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