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Sustainability and Mushrooming

It is always lovely to witness the happiness on the faces of people when they grow their own mushrooms with us. EarthJust Ecosystems hosted a sustainability workshop in the month of October, 2019 and Himpicked picked up the sessions on the third day of the workshop as the participants explored ways to move towards sustainable living!

A total of 9 participants took part in this workshop and they represented different parts of our country, namely - Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kinnaur, Rajaysthan, Solan & Chennai - so the north, the west and the south - such a diverse group we worked with!

The objective of this workshop was basically enabling the participants to grow their own mushrooms at home without using anything fancy - so we used organic waste that one can easily use from their homes and grew mushrooms with that! As always, the participants prepared their own mushroom bags (which they took home). Take a look at our hard-working participants, busy at work:

All our participants got these beautiful oyster mushrooms on their bags in a few weeks' time! Let’s take a closer look at some of them (let’s read the captions and try to visualize these participants saying these dialogues, LOL - just for fun!!) -

“Wooohoo!! I am the king of these mushrooms!!”

“Who are you?!? I am the MALIKA-AE-MUSHROOM”

“Main apne mushrooms kisi ko nahin dunga”

Please Note - The captions have just been added for fun sake, these participants actually did not say any of this, they were just happy to have grown these mushrooms on their own! :)

One of our other participants got so excited post our session that she decided to create a manual of all her learning and used it to conduct a workshop on mushroom cultivation in Mumbai! Click here to take a look

Excited to keep growing mushrooms and seeing a sustainable impact in our country! Join us for more fun!!

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