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Simplifying Sustainability For Educators

January 10, 2010

First & foremost, sincere gratitude for being an educator, and choosing to contribute positively to countless lives. For us, Educators are the nation builders & definitely the biggest change-makers & change agents.

Why Simplifying Sustainability?

As an individual and as an organization, we have over the last few years simplified the way we look at sustainable living. We are a zero-landfill office that uses "nature-based solutions" for most of our needs. "Sustainable living is very simple !!!" is the fundamental realization. Sharing this realization is what makes us happy and we want to help people become more sustainable in their daily lives, through engaging, fun & hands-on activities. Along with a community of like-minded individuals.

Why Simplifying Sustainability for Educators?
As educators, you must have often spoken about climate change, disaster, pollution in your classroom. However, do you understand how our simplest of actions lead to the issues ? Are you aware of simple alternatives that you can use to make your lives more sustainable & these topics more fund ? To us, you are the educator who enjoys the process of knowledge sharing & sustainable living. Thus, we are reaching out to you, to collectively understand & simplify "Sustainability". Demystifying the big words to make a sustainable transition out of textbooks into our schools & our houses. We can collectively build a "community of sustainability educators".

Simplifying Sustainability for Educators is emphasized on the following thematic areas:

Simplifying Sustainability of Water

Simplifying Sustainability of Waste

Simplifying Sustainability of Biodiversity

Who can participate?

Principals/Teachers/Fellows who are passionate and motivated about sustainability & environment.

What Comes with the Workshop?

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Hands-on activities & simplified sustainable living journey

  • Presentation / Further Reading Materials

  • Volunteering Opportunities (if you want)

  • Design Challenge (if you want)

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