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EarthJust stems from the values of being just and respectful to all and everything that exists in nature. Today's society stands on a threshold of a drastic and positive change, that's bound to happen the Phoenix way or from a collective action of millions. We believe in the latter.  Every day, we see acts of goodwill, we see industries increasingly becoming more mindful about sustainable development. We, at EarthJust, aim to propel this movement further, in form of localized collective actions through community empowerment, through replicating the already established models, through preparing the people for the roles that will be needed tomorrow, through right skilling, by helping the government and the organizations to adopt more sustainable practices through advocacy, through tackling the biggest opportunity of this millennia, surplus, by segregation and practical surplus management creating a circular economy, through creating a model in itself that is replicable, sustainable. And lastly, by simultaneously working on the roots of this mammoth task through education. The core of these being empathy; in us, in all our actions, in our people, all our projects, and benefactors.


Behind EarthJust

Abhishek Taneja

Abhishek is the “Gyaan Guru” and the “Sutradhar” of ​ ​EarthJust. A consultant at heart and by professional experience, he loves to advocate, and champion for natural farming, empowerment, and surplus management close to his heart. MBA & part CA by degree, he has worked as an entrepreneur for past few years, and as strategy consultant with PWC, ECS & Capegemini. He’s settled and working in Solan for past 3 years.

Priya Kumari

Priya is the “Annadata” of EarthJust. She loves to dance, cook and feed people. From Kunihar, she is the first one in her family to move out of her village and stay independently. She is keen to and is actively learning English and Computers at EarthJust, and is responsible for general housekeeping & kitchen.

Shruti Taneja

Shruti is the “visiting faculty” at EarthJust. She​ is an educator & environmentalist, learning to live in harmony with self, others & nature. Settled in the hills, she loves to read, write and is passionate about understanding & creating positive change. She is a TFI alum, has earned her professional degree from NMIMS, Mumbai, and worked for 8 years as a marketer for organizations like Bharti AXA, Titan, Lowe Lintas etc. before moving to the development sector. She has been working actively in the education sector for past 5 years.

Pankaj Joshi

Kids love to call him “Zero-waste Bhaiya”. He is our & Solan’s Composting Champion. Pankaj helps people, schools, organizations & restaurants convert their waste to surplus. A civil engineer by training and an environmentalist by passion, he’s making Solan clean, healthy and waste free one person at a time!


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