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Eco-Satat Sammellan: Uniting Dialogue, Learning, and Action for Collective
Culmination of Satat Shikshak Samudaya Cohort 1 Journey

Eco-Satat Sammellan, a transformative two-day event that convened "Satat Shikshak" with collaborators from corporate, academia, and the social sector, unfolded on 30th Sept & 1st Oct, 2023. This gathering underscores the pivotal role of dialogue, learning, and collective action in fostering enduring change.

In the realm of sustainable education, dialogue is the catalyst, but learning and action are the engines that drive lasting impact. "Eco-Satat Sammellan exemplifies how conversations among educators, industry leaders, and advocates can translate into tangible outcomes through a shared commitment to learning and action."


"Sustainable change thrives on both learning from diverse experiences and translating that learning into action. Eco-Satat Sammellan provided a platform for educators, students, and industry experts to not only share insights but to collectively strategize and act."

Our dedication to sustainable change is not just in words but in collective actions. Eco-Satat Sammellan emphasizes the power of collaboration in reshaping education towards a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible future. It stands as a testament to the power of collective endeavors. Beyond dialogue, it sparked learning, initiated actionable strategies, and demonstrated the strength found in collaborative efforts. This event is a starting point for sustainable commitments that extend far beyond its duration.

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