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Satat Shikshak Samudaya

A community of 14 educators,

1000+ people of Himachal, 

20+ collaborators 

from industry, academia & bureaucracy

join hands

to re-cultivate the culture of sustainability.

Why Satat ?

To strengthen the Environment Education Program, Mission LiFE program goals and the Nation Green Corps (NGC) program’s.

What is Satat Shikshak Samudaya ?

Satat Shikshak Samudaya is one such journey of identifying sustainability educator changemakers transform into sustainability educator leaders & connect them as a Samudaya

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"Thanks to the EarthJust team & other teachers in samudaya, I feel deeply motivated to continue and engage with teachers, school, Block development officer & Panchayat. i want to make a difference".

Sunita Kumari, KANGRA

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