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Summary of our Sunday Special Webinar on 12th April, 2020

Did you know?

Did you know that the disinfectants that you use at home have harmful chemicals that are indirectly consumed by us too?

Did you know that food products like jaggery and citrus peels like orange, lemon mixed together with water can become disinfectants and can replace our harmful disinfectants?

Well, our 12th April, 2020 Sunday webinar covered all this and our participants learnt how to make their own ‘bio-enzymes’ at home! Read our article further to know more…

What are bio-enzymes?

It is a multi-purpose natural cleaner produced from organic waste (usually citrus peels). It is multi-purpose as it not only cleans and disinfects all surfaces in the household but also:

● Effectively breaks down grease, stains

● Helps eliminate harmful microorganisms

● Eliminates odors

● Enriches the soil and contributes to the health and the growth of the plants

● Acts as a natural pesticide and herbicide

● Nourishes the hair and skin of pets

Aren’t you just amazed to see the uses it has! Well, we will now mention the two-simple steps to prepare it at home!

Two-simple steps to make your own Bio-enzyme

What you will need?

100 grams brown sugar/jaggery

300 grams of citrus peels (lemon/orange)

1000 ml fresh water

Plastic bottle (of 1.5 liters capacity)

Remember the basic ratio of the ingredients to be put:

1 part brown sugar/jaggery

3 parts citrus peels

10 parts water

2-simple steps to prepare the bio-enzyme:

Step No. 1

Pour the water and sugar (jaggery) into the dish you have prepared, mix well and then add the peels

Step No. 2

Firmly seal the container and place it in a dark, cool place

What to do post the two steps?

What follows post the second step is the fermentation process during which the container will produce gases (you will know it’s happening by the bulging sides of the container) so it will be necessary to periodically open the lid to release them.

Record the date of preparation, since after 3-months of fermentation, the solution will be ready to use!

Some things to note:

Use only plastic containers for the preparation of bio-enzymes

If you use more vegetable residues, the liquid will have a sour smell, which is quite normal and not a cause of concern

If worms appear, add another 10 grams of sugar to the ingredients and tightly close the cap, after sometime the worms will disappear!

So, what are you waiting for??

Prepare your own bio-enzyme today and see the results after 3 months! :)

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